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SO…….this is what happens when you’re in a class you can careless about and thinking about every other thing than what’s being discussed. Well me and my Gemini mind is a trip and goes all sorts of places, so it’s really second nature.

Being that I’m a POI fanatic and huge supporter and shipper Creese/Careese, my mind gives me things the show has not yet. This time being a beautiful thought of what a Creese/Careese seed could produce…. and I think no further.

Let me introduce the uber cute, talented, doll face Amandla Stenberg, who played Rue in The Hunger Games and a young Zoe Saldana in Colombiana. Her look is just too perf for me for this, I could not pass up posting. And she is actually biracial being that her Mom is African American and her father is Danish.

I’m just saying man……….don’t over think it, just vibe with it and let it be beautiful!

P.S. On the name tip, I came up with two. If we’re sticking with the J’s for John and Joss, I’d say missy looks like a Jasmine. And if we’re going with T for Taylor’s team, I like Taryn. Just me and my thoughts vibing……………….


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    Sis….my mind is no joke I’m telling ya lol! It’s way more where that came from too lol! But yes Amandla is just...
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