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Unbothered *shrugs*

We get a John/Zoe Ep on valentines day! Coincidence much? Ha! Take that Carter/reese shippers!

Seen this above statement on twitter and just had to let it be known, sis Creese/Careese shippers are unbothered. Beecher will be entertaining Carter so in the words of Reese himself, “to each his own” for now.

And btw, Carter isn’t going anywhere. She’s the MAIN chick of the show. Never forget.


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    John ain’t serious about that wanch. He has MOMENTS with Carter. He just fucks Zoe.
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    Seriously very teenage. I just went through a batch of this with another show that shall renamed nameless but rhymes...
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    ….>.< Nothing quite screams teenager like that kinda post. Seriously. I adore Zoe, and I’d like to think of her and...
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    AWESOME response!
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    Seriously tho, am I bovvered? I like Zoe, I don’t mind John/Zoe at all we all know that Careese is the end game. Be it 6...
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